Executive Recruitment

Terms of Appointment

  • As Chair in Common a remuneration package of £50,000 per annum has been agreed. The appointee will lead both boards through the merger process and will be the Chair of the NHS Foundation Trust post the merger. The appointment to the NHS Foundation Trust will be for an initial period of three years. NHSI has a specific role in appointing and supporting NHS trust chairs and so has a formal role in the appointment of the Chair of DWMH for the period from appointment to the date of merger. 
  • The appointee may be re-appointed by the Assembly of Governors for a further term dependent on satisfactory performance. You will have considerable flexibility to decide how you manage the time needed to undertake this role. On average, it will require 3 days a week, which includes preparation time away from the Trusts, the occasional evening engagement and events designed to support your continuous development.
  • As Chair in Common you must be a member of one the BCPFT constituencies; please refer to the ‘Eligibility’ section of this microsite for details.